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Project Feasibility and Due Diligence

Early understanding of the viability of a developmental project; either new (Greenfield) or modification of an existing one (Brownfield) is vital to its successful implementation. A very key and yet sometimes over-sighted liability to project success is public opposition. Opposition either from the general public (local or international) or host communities could lead to delay or outright closure of project resulting to huge loss of resources. 

Environmental and Social Risks Due Diligence or Feasibility Study is a veritable tool for overcoming this challenge, both in short and long term.

EcoPro undertakes Due Diligence and Feasibility studies of any proposed project; from the environmental and social risks perspective, and recommends measures that will eliminate liability risks. A good Due Diligence or Feasibility report attracts investors and appeals to financiers.

Our professionals have over the years developed adaptable models for project Feasibility Analyses and Due Diligence that empirically informs investment risks.