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Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment

ESIA is a management tool. It is an assessment of the probable impacts on environmental and human health, risks to ecological wellbeing, and changes to nature’s services that can arise due to project development.

The primary objective of ESIA is to inform and guide decision-makers on environmental impacts of planned project, in order make necessary modifications that enhance the sustainability of the development.

The EIA Act - Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria mandates implementation of ESIA for certain categories of project. Such projects are those reasonable considered to have significant negative risks on environment and human health.

In addition to complying with statutory regulations, ESIA provides an opportunity for project proponents to disclose the proposed project to host community(ies) and general public, such that the interests of every stakeholder is considered in the project design and development – an arrangement that makes the project acceptable to all parties, and limits chances of future restraints and loss of investment.

Our team has seasoned experts that can undertake the implementation of ESIA for projects of all scales and of all sectors of the economy.

See the 'FAQ' section of this site for answers to fundamental requirements for ESIA in Nigeria, the 'Project' section for some of our recent ESIA projects.