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Noise/Acoustic Studies

We offer a wide range of innovative services to achieve the acoustic requirements of every project; including; industrial or architecture and building acoustics. From new construction projects to retrofits; our services  provide and support solutions to acoustics challenges related to environment protection, human health, safety and well-being. Among our services are:

  1. Survey of Sound Levels; e.g.: Leq, DNL, L10, L01, L50, L90, etc
  2. Modeling and analyzing noise from: traffic, aircraft, commercial, industrial, construction, light and heavy rail, power plant, aggregate mining, and housing project
  3. Determine federal/state/local noise code compliance and community noise exposure,
  4. Recommend methods for noise reduction. Design/specify noise mitigation measures,
  5. Prepare noise analysis reports for use in preparing environmental assessments,
  6. Provide expert testimony in public hearings, meetings, and court.

We provide our clients with quality solution for various acoustic problem such as: control noise, reduce vibrations, noise isolation, control the reverberation, isolate vibrations, etc.