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ESIA is a management tool. It is an assessment of the probable impacts on environmental and human health, risks to ecological wellbeing, and changes to nature’s services that can arise due to project development.
Nigeria is Coastal Country with vast natural reserve of crude oil and natural gas being explored largely off and nearshore. Exploration and mining of these resources expose and cause harm to natural/living resources.
Safety at work should be considered more essential than the work. Right attitude and use of appropriate safety equipment are key to incident and accident free operations.
Early understanding of the workability of a developmental project; either new (Greenfield) or modification of an existing one (Brownfield) is vital to its successful implementation. A very key and yet often over-sighted liability to project success is public opposition. Opposition either from the general public (local or international) or host communities could lead to delay or outright closure of project resulting to huge loss of resources.
Human resource is the most important asset of any organization. A well trained team will easily work together to achieve set objectives and beat clients (and public) expectation. When it comes to environmental safeguards, every member of a team must be well informed.
A direct relationship exists between environmental quality and human health. Changes in ambient air quality, ground and even surface water can have direct and/or indirect impacts on health, while measures aimed at reducing the effects of climate change could have huge health impacts.

GIS is a computer system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. GIS technology has been applied in diverse fields to assist experts and professionals in analyzing various types of geospatial data and dealing with complex situations. It can be applied in management and development of business, education, natural resources, tourism, transportations, etc.

Environmental Audit (EA) entails a probe of an organisation or facility's environmental policies and practices, to measure their state of compliance with extant laws and regulations.
Climate Change (CC) is the gradual increase in temperature of the Earth's surface that has worsened since the industrial revolution. Considerable evidence exists that most of the warming has been caused by human activities and have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through build-up of greenhouse gases (GHG); primarily carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.
Sustenance of the earth’s ecosystem requires conscious maintenance of the integrity of the natural environment while engaging in developmental projects. Ensuring this balance requires good understanding of all kinds of living organisms (plants and animal species) that exist within the area of influence of proposed developmental projects, and their relationship with the non-living components of the environment.
Establishment of sustainable development philosophy in any organization, government agency or industry starts with the institution of sound policies that drive actions in line with international best practice and local requirements.
The success of every project lies greatly on its relationship with the public and local (host) communities. Good community interrelationship immensely benefits business and investments. It gives the people sense of stake-ownership and wins their support. Getting host community to share in the vision of project(s) sited and/or operated in their environment drives a win-win benefit for all parties.
As global interest on the effects of human activities on society and environment rises, organizations more than ever need to convince the public and promoters of sustainable development that their activities and products are most environmentally friendly. The act of ensuring that business activities and products are developed with optimum regards to environmental safeguards and communicating such to the public has been referred to as Eco-marketing or Promotion.
We offer a wide range of innovative services to achieve the acoustic requirements of every project; including; industrial or architecture and building acoustics. From new construction projects to retrofits; our services  provide and support solutions to acoustics challenges related to environment protection, human health, safety and well-being.